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Implementing a simple reusable authorization attribute using the Microsoft Identity Platform to validate access tokens and authorize users based on their app roles in serverless Azure Function apps.

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How to write a RESTful http service to print PDFs on any local or network printer using Javascript and node.js to automate your logistics (e.g. shipping labels) or any other process that still needs some paper.


Step by step

Let’s start by creating a new node project using npm (the node package manager) in an empty folder:

npm init

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Microsoft introduced a new image column type to SharePoint online that is really handy with the new list experience. Using this column type with the Microsoft Graph is not well documented and can be a bit intimidating at the beginning. This article will give an E2E example on how to write to a list that has an image column using the Microsoft Graph APIs with Azure Functions.

Performing advanced queries in input bindings to Azure Table Storage when using Azure Functions with Node.js and why maybe this is not a good idea.

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How to built a cloud native app with Azure Functions to create, design and connect to a Azure Database for PostgreSQL using .Net Core and EntityFramework Core


Azure Functions are a lightweight, inexpensive and scalable alternative to write backend functionality. If you’ve written your backends so far in ASP.NET (Core) and connected to your relational database using EntityFramework (Core) you might wonder if this also works in a C# Function app? Turns out yes with some quirks!

Our popup late night studio @ Gieske Studios, Pforzheim

Introduction to our studio, hardware and software setup. How we planned and executed the production and what we would do different next time.

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While offering a great out-of-the-box experience with repos in GitHub, setting up a cloud based dev environment with Visual Studio Codespaces and repos located in Azure DevOps requires some extra steps.


Visual Studio Codespaces provide a cloud based dev environment as a service and work with a lot of languages and runtimes like .NET Core, Node, Python and many other. Learn more about this service here:

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How to limit access to restful APIs in Azure Functions with .NET Core by assigning users to app roles in Azure Active Directory

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How to limit access to apps, routes and features in Angular by assigning users to app roles in Azure Active Directory

How my friend Tom and I built a voucher online shop in just 3 days and raised over $50,000 powered by the Microsoft Azure Cloud.

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CEO @ medialesson. Microsoft Regional Director & MVP Windows Development. Father of identical twins. Passionate about great User Interfaces, NYC & Steaks

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